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With the decline of cathedral building, the focus of the society shifted. This high quality retirement community in central Lower Hutt features the use of an AFS Logic concrete wall system designed specifically for the rapid construction of multi – storey apartments and villages. The Masonic Lodge argues that this peculiar inter-faith harmony reveals the unique non-sectarian brotherly nature of the Lodge.

You want to do business with a brother who will communicate with you personally to make sure you are satisfied with your end results. The Orthodox critique of Freemasonry agrees with both the Catholic and Protestant versions: “Freemasonry cannot be at all compatible with Christianity as far as it is a secret organisation, acting and teaching in mystery and secret and deifying rationalism.”[109] Regular Freemasonry has traditionally not responded to these claims, beyond the often repeated statement that those Grand Lodges in amity with UGLE explicitly adhere to the principle that “Freemasonry is not a religion, nor a substitute for religion. City Directories collection) Ancestry Trinidad, Colorado, City Directory, 1905 (in U. They know your game, and part of it is to create fake traditions that are meant to throw intruders off their game and protect their own secrets.

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Once home to a shadowy secretive society steeped in clandestine rituals, photographer Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast has captured this incredible derelict masonic temple in all its glory.

Masons Lodge Sheffield QUIZZES DO A DOUBLE TAKE ON THIS QUIZ ON CONTRONYMS Look both ways before you take this

They practice and believe the same so-called Secret Doctrine. This venue has hosted events for Big Gigantic, Young Thug, Halsey,

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Mason is discombobulated by the “realpolitik” response … Of course, any post-Brexit agreements devised during Monsieur Barnier and Madame May’s clandestine entente cordiale will need to be replaced …

In several European countries, the position of Grand Master has often been held by members of royal families or the high nobility. Continental Freemasonry consists of the jurisdictions that have removed some, or all, of these restrictions. Most lodges have some sort of social calendar, allowing Masons and their partners to meet in a less ritualised environment. The candidate in a state of darkness is brought into the lodge not knowing what will follow but trusting in his guide to lead him along the way in his quest for light (knowledge).

Note also that since Masonry involves non-Christians, the use of the name of Jesus is forbidden within the lodge. The collars are embroidered with gold with the jewels of office, and with acacia and other emblems. The site contains Masonic quizzes, Masonic Etiquette, Freemason symbol information, how to become a Freemason, a list of Masonic lodge locations around the world, lodge administration and more.In his youth, Serge Abad Gallardo joined Freemasonry with the conviction he could contribute to make the world a better place. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position.

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