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Ashley M. Bernhard Ashley Michele Bernhard, 40, of Richland, died Oct. 8 in Richland. She was born in Richland and lived in the Tri-Cities for 21 years. She was a title officer at First American Title …

Storms, in his book ‘Should a Christian be a Mason?’ (p. Religion, philosophy, spirituality, occultism, chemistry, science, magic esoteric symbols. Also, a candidate must have a belief in a “Supreme Being.” The official website says, “Members of all religions may belong to the Order of the Eastern Star. Masonic collectables are items which have come from a masonic group and will usually feature Masonic symbols. A minute of respectful silence and was then observed by the General Meeting to honour the memory of the Brethren who had passed to the Grand Lodge above, especially those who had sacrificed their lives from 1939 to 1945 in the struggle for the liberty or had fallen as victims of Nazi persecution. Simple Compass Variations Although the simple compass tattoos can be quite basic in design, many wearers have come up with some creative ways to really make the design their own.

In fact, not knowing what to say at a funeral plagues most people who want to go and show their respects to the family. Only men can be admitted, and no relationship exists with mixed Lodges. Summary For many years, Masons have been giving back to their communities and to their own members. Qualifications cannot be achieved or acknowledged until your funds have been transferred to the Mark Benevolent Fund.

Mr Brooks and his fellow governors were furious when they heard the firm’s proposal that the Royal Masonic it be

Teddie Mason The memorial service for the 14-year-old girl hit and killed by a train on October 13th will be held on Saturday …

This degree is universally associated with the Masonic Knights Templar. They sing the sun in its flight – marvelling at its passage through the sky. They shall be reimbursed their necessary expenses in visiting the lodges at inspections, their accounts being first examined and passed by the Committee of Finance.

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said 28-year-old Muhammed Khatimi, of Lothian Court, Midhurst Road, Eastbourne, 20-year-old Samir Adimi, of no

Payments are mailed to the Funds Secretary-Treasurer. In speculative Masonry, the compasses symbolise self-restraint and man’s ability to reign in

The Temple of Understanding calls itself a “spiritual United Nations,” and is another group that has NGO status at the UN.  It was conceived in 1960, and besides Paul VI, other founders and supporters have included John XXIII (photo, below left), Mother Teresa, U Thant, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlat Nehru, Trappist monk Thomas Merton, the Dali Lama, former-First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. This is a case of “not all Freemasons are Shriners, but all Shriners are Freemasons.” Core tenets of the Shriners involve a strong belief in family, personal growth, and care for families and children in need. 00€ Handmade Masonic ring – Gold or Silver; Personalized Signet ring F. & A.

The USA has become a welfare state with the sacred cow being the Middle Class that has now been sucked

Mahlon Mason Thompson, age 97, died peacefully on Saturday, October 16th, 2021 in Plainsboro, NJ, surrounded by his loving …

Such ignoring of the Orange laws is the parallel of Ritualism in our Church, whereby Christ’s Gospel is ignored, and

Robert “Bob” Elthon, 85, of Charles City, passed away on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at MercyOne North Iowa Medical Center in …

Dale Easterly, 96, of Charles City, died on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at the MercyOne North Iowa Medical Center in Mason City …

At least the citizens would clearly know who they vote for. Initiation is a ritually transmitted process” (p. We reserve the right to restrict access to areas of our website, or indeed our whole website, at our discretion; you must not circumvent or bypass, or attempt to circumvent or bypass, any access restriction measures on our website. Shop Range Royal & Select Masters Regalia Discover George H Lilley’s wide range of Royal & Select Master Regalia. A belief in a supreme being and scripture is a condition of membership. It doesn’t matter if you’re paying for the care home yourself or it’s funded by the council.

The family will be receiving friends at the funeral home on that Sunday from noon until the Masonic service at 1 p.m. and …

In 1797, Thomas Smith Webb published a “Freemason’s Monitor and Illustrations of Masonry” which was used as the monitor for

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