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The Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Chapter 16 recently presented a check for $1,000 to Greene County Children & …

This is the occult “Sign of Praise” or sign of admiration (see Richardson’s monitor of freemasonry p. In addition, specific charities are chosen by our incumbent Worshipful Master for support during his tenure. Knight Captain – A Knight Lieutenant who has proven themselves as an officer and is being given more responsibility within the Priory.  Priors have the authority to appoint their Captains. Rather Freemasonry is a religion which simply demands belief in God and immortality and inculcates a natural morality of salvation by character.

Mason Hockey Goalie While it’s no longer a hotbed of controversy, Freemasonry membership still proves to have political, networking, and

The Mark Benevolent Fund, which is based in London, is the charity arm of the Mark Degree in Freemasonry and makes various donations throughout the year to both Masonic and non-Masonic charities …

Thousands of young Londoners with challenges around mental health will get help and support thanks to grants totalling … With

In Judaism, the Hamsa hand represents the five holy books of the Torah. Master Masons are able to extend their Masonic experience by taking further degrees, in appendant or other bodies whether or not approved by their own Grand Lodge.[32] The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is a system of 33 degrees, including the three Blue Lodge degrees administered by a local or national Supreme Council. If I were still pleasing men, I should not be a servant of Christ.  For I would have you know, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not man’s gospel.  For I did not receive it from man, nor was I taught it, but it came through a revelation of Jesus Christ.

While it’s no longer a hotbed of controversy, Freemasonry membership still proves to have political, networking, and financial benefits. Select

In Lodges with a membership of mixed religions it is common to find more than one sacred text displayed. Actually, all Freemasons are adherents to different religions: being part of a secret brotherhood doesn’t actually mean you’ve converted to the religion of that brotherhood. However, upon closer examination, we find that the only belief requirement is not that one must believe in the True and Living God, but rather, that one must believe in the existence of a “Supreme Being”, which includes the “gods” of Islam, Hinduism, or any other world religion. G ∴ C∴ H∴ – Grand Captain of the Host; Grand Chapter of Heredom.

Members of Horn Lake Masonic Lodge #617 handed out turkeys and a bag of groceries to 30 families in need in Horn Lake and …

PETERSBURG – The Cameron Foundation awarded $863,021 in grants to local organizations and nonprofits across a wide array of …

Royal Arch Lodge Thetford Jim was also a life and 56-year member of Empire Lodge #126 Ancient Free & Accepted

This is to prevent scrambling by transesterification. Kean Collection/Getty Images The rumors of Morgan’s disappearance spread throughout New York. Plus, you’re surrounded by other people who are also Freemasons, underwater, with loads of scuba gear on. Water, he explains, is the female energy that delivers goods throughout the world.

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