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We spoke with Leland Kent, the author & photographer behind Abandoned Southeast, to learn more about his upcoming book!

What Are The Masonic Signs And Symbols Mystery Hotel is a name that cannot be ignored or misunderstood. It makes

Our range of Masonic Jewellery can be viewed here if you’re in the area. Masonry also requires people to engage in activities which the Bible condemns. The first requirement is that potential members must believe in a higher power of some sort. The Illustrious Order of the Red Cross teaches the lessons of the triumph of truth.

Thanks to the generosity of the Freemasons of Hampshire and Isle of Wight, the children’s charity Lifelites has donated a

Braintree, MA Jay Nuss Realty Group, LLC, a leading multi-service commercial real estate brokerage-consulting firm, recently …

In Hoc Masonic Mark Mason Lodge Braintree Raising Ceremony Freemasonry The Masonic in 1928 Photo from the Burton Historical Collection.

Spotsylvania and Caroline were the only two localities in the Fredericksburg area to take advantage of a bill passed by the …

There are two branches in Masonry nowadays where people can proceed after completing the third, and final degree of the Blue Lodge Masonry. To our new items CHANGE YOUR STYLE Reinvent yourself with exciting style ideas for summer. In the 1880s, the Catholic church was locked in a culture war with the forces of secularisation. That’s why our online shop allows you to examine each piece of jewellery closely – by magnifying it up to ten times. All Lodges shall display a volume of scripture with the square and compasses while in session. The basic, local organisational unit of Freemasonry is the Lodge.

In 1938, a forget-me-not badge, made by the same factory as the Masonic badge, was chosen for the Nazi Party’s Winterhilfswerk, the annual charity drive of the National Socialist People’s Welfare (the welfare branch of the Nazi party). Finding the simplest answer to a problem is often the most elegant way to solve a problem – termed the Principle of Parsimony or Occam’s Razor in scientific mechanics. They know your game, and part of it is to create fake traditions that are meant to throw intruders off their game and protect their own secrets.

Again Thank YOU !   BroGregWilson New Member I was raised to MM in Florida and I was told that the S&C should point toward those who I come in contact with to identify me as a Mason. Only after that one can continue his journey, but that person won’t get higher on the hierarchy scale. Based in Ilkeston Derbyshire DE7 touring UK Paid Apply The Happy Prince in The Happ…

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