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In the Semitic story of the year, common to all, in closely related forms, the marriage of the male and female principles occurred annually at the awakening of vegetation and the mating season of the animal kingdom. The overall design is based on that of an old level, with the plum line hanging down the centre from the top point of the triangle. Gracious God and Father of us all, make Your presence real to us as we gather today.

A freemason uses the compasses to remember never to go beyond the boundary, to stray into bad or excessive behaviour. Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here. In 1938, a forget-me-not badge, made by the same factory as the Masonic badge, was chosen for the Nazi Party’s Winterhilfswerk, the annual charity drive of the National Socialist People’s Welfare (the welfare branch of the Nazi party). The faithful who enrol in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.”[102] For its part, Freemasonry has never objected to Catholics joining their fraternity.

They left their own home and became refugees, to save him from King Herod, and they brought him up according to the traditions of their faith.� (1986) His deity is completely erased. A squared version is used for the Capitals and a rounded one for the lowercases, extra symbols incluse only punctuation, being comma, exclamation, question, period, collon and semicollon. Once he’s proven himself as an Entered Apprentice, he is considered ready to pass onto the second degree – the Fellowcraft.

If you have a pocket watch with a very small face or one that is particularly ornate, you might need


City police are investigating after vandals splashed red paint and painted white infinity symbols at the front entrances of …

Overt honesty, compassion, fortitude, prudence, justice, and the pursuit of philosophical truths are the hallmarks of a Freemason. The date

Ladder Freemasonry H the Duke of Kent as both Grand Master of the Craft and First Grand Principal of the

They can be used as teaching aids during the lectures that follow each of the Masonic Degrees, when an experienced member explains the various concepts of Freemasonry to new members. These private Lodges are usually supervised at the regional level (usually coterminous with a state, province, or national border) by a Grand Lodge or Grand Orient. DeVries said. “A review of any history involving the locations that were targeted would be part of that investigative process, but at this time we don’t know, we would like to know and we hope we will find out.” Story continues below advertisement With a file from the Canadian Press We have a weekly Western Canada newsletter written by our B. As near as may be determined from conflicting claims, the Select degree is the oldest of the Rite.

If you have been a collector of Masonic books, pamphlets and other such items, be sure to suggest proper disposition of these articles. During the initiation rite, the candidate expresses a desire to seek “light,” and he is assured that he will receive the light of spiritual instruction that he could not receive in another Church. The Grand Lodge of Texas, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons is the largest of several governing bodies of Freemasonry in the State of Texas, being solely of the Ancients’ tradition and descending from the Ancient Grand Lodge of England, founded in 1751. The right leg of the compass is lying under the square.

H the Duke of Kent as both Grand Master of the Craft and First Grand Principal of the Royal Arch.

City police are investigating after vandals splashed red paint and painted white infinity symbols at the front entrances of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 402 on King Street in Millbrook and the …

Thousands, including President Calvin Coolidge and first lady Grace Coolidge (in second photo), attended the laying of the cornerstone of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

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