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Even Jesus is listed as “the Grand Master” of the Christian Church. They’re used as teaching aides in the lectures Masons have to listen to in order to learn more about their culture. Some thought was briefly given to organising an overarching “Grand Lodge of the United States,” with George Washington, who was a member of a Virginian lodge, as the first Grand Master, but the idea was short-lived. Provincial Grand LodgeThe senior Lodge in a Province and the administrative centre for the Lodges within that Province. We have lost to death valuable and talented Masons from our membership. The dramatic allegorical ceremonies include explanatory lectures, and revolve around the construction of the Temple of Solomon, and the artistry and death of the chief architect, Hiram Abiff.

The little blue Forget-me-not Comes too on friendship’s gentle pleas Spring’s messenger in every spot, Smiling on all – ‘Remember me!The Forget-Me-Not and Anti-Freemasonry in Nazi Germany The small blue forget-me-not flower was first used by the Grand Lodge Zur Sonne in 1926, as a Masonic emblem at the annual convention in Bremen, Germany. The United Grand Lodge of England does not communicate with any of these jurisdictions, and expects its allies to follow suit. An evergreen never loses its needles, regardless of the season, and its symbolism depicts the fact that a Mason never loses his faith in the fact that the soul remains imperishable. It is located on the north-west corner of Davenport Road and Yonge Street.

09/11/2021  · LANCASTER – Mr. Olin Douglas "Doug" Broughton, 87, passed away Monday, Nov. 8, 2021 at his home.He was born Sept. 20, 1934, in Kershaw, a son of …

WOODBURY – King Solomon’s Lodge No. 7 opened its doors to the public Sunday afternoon for a rare look at some of the club’s historic artifacts that date back… …

Greeting people isn’t just a verbal act, and in some countries this goes along with something physical. The other replies

Those degrees relative to Freemasonry which are conferred on both men and women. And to address the later part of your query yes the challenge/protection would be done in public but it is ALWAYS discreet. As a result of his plan, the local Masons began harassing Morgan, hoping to stop the publication of the exposé. Fonts could be embedded into Macintosh applications and other file types, such as a HyperCard stack.

It is to the credit of my good friend and brother Ray Denslow, P. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.The Order of Women Freemasons is the oldest and largest Masonic organisation for women in this country and works on the lines of regular male Freemasonry. Freemasonry does not intrude on the religious beliefs of its members, although it does require that all members profess a belief in a Supreme Being.

The man in police custody now was arrested just before 10 a.m. in Burnaby. Is Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ consistent with biblical Christianity?To be honest I’ve always been a little creeped out by these groups, but since I don’t much about them I don’t know why that is. Order: 100 Pieces Fast Marching Metal Crafts Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Mary Grey Lancaster – Mary E Grey, 87 of Lancaster passed away on Monday, June 28th, 2021. She was born on April 18th, 1934. She is survived by her son, Lee Grey and preceded in death by her two …

It is possible that the immediate objections of the United Grand Lodge of England were at least partly motivated by the political tension between France and Britain at the time. The Chevalier de Lussy, better known as the Baron de Tschoudy, was, it is true, a distinguished ritualist. In 1811 King Karl  established the Royal Order of King Karl XIII.

The Avro Lancaster is a British Second World War heavy bomber.It was designed and manufactured by Avro as a contemporary of the Handley Page Halifax, both bombers having been developed to the same specification, as well as the Short Stirling, all three aircraft being four-engined heavy bombers adopted by the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the same wartime era.

1739), a Scottish Presbyterian minister, wrote the Book of Constitutions in which he contrived the “traditional” albeit spurious history of

Washington Lodge No. 164 Free and Accepted Masons recently presented a check for $2,000 to 2000 Turkeys. This donation was …

Members of Horn Lake Masonic Lodge #617 handed out turkeys and a bag of groceries to 30 families in need in Horn Lake and …

Thirty families in Horn Lake and Southaven received a special delivery to their door on Saturday. Members and volunteers from Horn Lake Masonic Lodge #617 delivered each home a turkey and a big sack …

Prince Hall Freemasonry is a branch of North American Freemasonry for African Americans founded by Prince Hall on September 29, 1784. There are two main branches of Prince Hall Freemasonry: the independent State Prince Hall Grand Lodges, most of which are recognized by Regular Masonic jurisdictions, and those under the jurisdiction of the National Grand Lodge.

MORE than 1,000 people attended the Remembrance Sunday service in Henley. The ceremony in Market Place was led by Rev

The second kind of meeting is ceremonial, used for admitting new Masons and conferring degrees. Peter DeVries of the North Vancouver RCMP. “We have a very good working relationship with our partners at Vancouver Police. The Degrees, or stages of membership are Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft {Fellow of the Craft} and Master Mason.

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