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Concerns over the influence of freemasons on the criminal justice system in 1998 led former Home Secretary Jack Straw to order that all police officers and judges should declare membership of the organisation. They are not keys to some ancient and arcane knowledge. The intricate façade is worth a few minutes examining the detail. There are other tools and other teachings, but the simple truth is they are just symbols. Even hospitals and universities are often controlled by the Masons.

Although most of our written communication is by email, text message or social media, there are still all sorts of reasons that you might need to write a formal letter. These could include making …

It shows the six pointed star. This has been associated with Judaism since the early 19th century, but before that

Jazz legend Duke Ellington was joined by the likes of Nat King Cole, WC Handy, Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie and Lionel Hampton to be inducted into the mysterious world of freemasonry. What is universal, and important, is that all three – Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason – do wear their aprons in different ways.  All are Masons, hence wear the badge of a Mason; one has progressed further than another, and therefore wears his apron differently as a sign that he has learned more.  Incidentally, it may be noted that aprons seldom are, but always should be, worn on the outside of the coat, not hidden beneath it.  Alas, comfort and convenience – and, in urban lodges, the evening dress of officers and some members – have led to the careless habit of wearing the apron not in full view, as a badge of honor and of service, but concealed, as if it were a matter of small moment.  The use of the apron is very old – far older than as a garment to protect the clothing of the operative craftsmen, or to provide him with a convenient receptacle in which to keep his tools.  Girdles. or aprons, were part of the clothing of the Priests of Israel.  Candidates for the mysteries of Mithras in Persia were invested with aprons.  The ancient Japanese used aprons in religious worship.  Oliver, noted Masonic scholar of the last century, no longer followed as a historian but venerated for his research and his Masonic industry, says of the apron: “The apron appears to have been, in ancient times, an honorary badge of distinction.  In the Jewish economy, none but the superior orders of the priesthood were permitted to adorn themselves with ornamented girdles, which were made of blue, purple and crimson; decorated with gold upon a ground of fine white linen; while the inferior priests wore only white.  The Indian, the Persian, the Jewish, the Ethiopian and the Egyptian aprons, though equally superb, all bore a character distinct from each other.  Some were plain white, others striped with blue, purple and crimson; some were of wrought gold, others adorned and decorated with superb tassels and fringes.  “In a word, though the “principal honor” of the apron may consist in its reference to innocence of conduct and purity of heart, yet it certainly appears through all ages to have been a most exalted badge of distinction.  In primitive times it was rather an ecclesiastical than a civil decoration, although in some cases the pron was elevated to great superiority as a national trophy.  The Royal Standard of Persia was originally “an apron” in form and dimensions.  At this day, it is connected with ecclesiastical honors; for the chief dignitaries of the Christian church, wherever a legitimate establishment, with the necessary degrees of rank and subordination, is formed, are invested with aprons as a peculiar badge of distinction; which is a collateral proof of the fact that Freemasonry was originally incorporated with the various systems of Divine Worship used by every people in the ancient world.  Freemasonry retains the symbol or shadow; it cannot have renounced the reality or substance.” Mackey’s dictum about the color and the material of the Masonic apron, if as often honored in the breach as in the observance, bears rereading.  The great Masonic scholar said: The color of a Freemason’s apron should be pure unspotted white.  This color has, in all ages and countries, been esteemed an emblem of innocence and purity.  It was with this reference that a portion of the vestments of the Jewish priesthood was directed to be white.  In the Ancient Mysteries the candidate was always clothed in white.  “The priests of the Romans,” says Festus, “were accustomed to wear white garments when they sacrificed.”  In the Scandinavian Rites it has been seen that the shield presented to the candidate was white.  The Druids changed the color of the garment presented to their initiates with each degree; white, however, was the color appropriate to the last, or degree of perfection.  And it was, according to their ritual, intended to teach the aspirant that none were admitted to the honor but such as were cleansed from all impurities both of body and mind. “In the early ages of the Christian church a white garment was always placed upon the catechumen who had been newly baptized, to denote that he had been cleansed from his former sins, and was henceforth to lead a life of purity. Beck: If it did, how did joining the Masons change your friendship? Freemasonry evolved from the guilds of the bricklayers building the cathedral in medieval Europe. He has been quoted as saying, “The object of Freemasonry is to promote the happiness of the human race.” James Monroe Monroe, the nation’s fifth president, was initiated as a Freemason in 1775 before he was even 18 years old. The move follows a series of allegations about corruption involving freemasons in the police force.

pop quiz and giveaways along with presentations of certificates and other awards. Each event was special and full of appreciation and love which melted the hearts of the housekeeping team.

Masonic Events Get ready to have a spooktacular time! The Russell Masonic Lodge is pleased to open its basement doors to

22/10/2021  · Fall movie season is upon us — though the release schedule has never been more confusing, with some blockbusters

BERKELEY – Berkeley Arms Hotel, GL13 9BG          01453-810291 The Berkeley Arms Hotel is situated on the left of the main street in the centre of the town. While you personally have not joined our organization, there are certain things that may be helpful for your to know in the future. In fact, in 2019, he officially became a Taiwanese Citizen and now holds dual passports to Canada and Taiwan. If you die, your fellow masons will look after your family,” says our source. The early Mark Degrees were closely associated with the Royal Arch, as they still are in many parts of the world.

Asked By Anabelle Hand Why doesn’t lightning travel in a straight line? Proper use of PPE or personal protective equipment during the cutting and grinding of materials. The friendships that they developed and the visiting they were able to do each night enriched their lives immensely and saved them from the boredom of sitting in a single room looking at four walls night after night. Photo : Wikimedia Commons Freemasons Can’t Talk About Religion Or Politics At Meetings Despite the qualifying question for Masonic membership, discussion of personal religion is actually forbidden within Freemason Lodges. The principal facade on the north side of the building facing Stopford Road has a most imposing porch of four columns rising 26 feet high. “There are two flights of steps leading to the main doors on the first floor.

Make use of the contact information on a site such as this and request information about Masonic Lodges in your area. In fact, quite the opposite; in the UK the Freemasons carry out fundraising for a number of good causes, as well as the support they offer to members and their families – since 1980 they have made charitable grants totalling more than £100 million. Finally, you can locate a regional center in the USA that can provide information on local Transmission Meditation groups, local lecture events, and other activities in your area. Square and Compasses As well-represented as the All Seeing Eye is, the Square and Compasses are really the most well known or recognized Freemason symbol.

Get ready to have a spooktacular time! The Russell Masonic Lodge is pleased to open its basement doors to “Terror Under

He was awarded a certificate of appreciation and recognition by the … a 50-year member of the Masonic Lodge, a 50-year member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and a member of the AARP.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month … A clergy couple smiles widely as they remember the gift certificate to a nice restaurant, complete with free babysitting, given to them by a small group …

If you might need an exception, please let us know.The Laborers Training & Retraining Trust Fund (LTRTF) will not discriminate against apprenticeship applicants or apprentices based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, genetic information, or because they are an individual with a disability or a person 40 years old or older. The candidate undresses until he is only wearing a shirt and pants. This committee meets four times in the year, by virtue of a summons from the grand-master or his deputy.

You can lie about it, but religion seems to be a point of honor among them. Psalm 106:39-40, “Thus were

If I meet somebody who’s a Mason, I automatically have something in common with them. To such an end they purged out all the ritualistic false practices of Rome and replaced them with a simple living faith in the risen Lord. At the battle of La Forbie in Gaza in October 1144, an Ayyubid army defeated a large Latin army and 300 Templar knights were killed. Non-Masonic friends and families may also take part in many Masonically supported programs. The former San Antonio Spurs star told ESPN that he didn’t expect to be tagged as a vocal leader of Floyd’s death, but he has decided to embrace it. “I’m honest with you: I did not expect to have the role and to have so many people waiting to see what I have to say and what’s the next move.

Included are free downloads of four of the introductory books. If you would like to join please read our How to be a Freemason page. They also have an official lodge meeting room that they keep open for visitors to be able to look into, with explanations on seating and symbolic items placed within. This is to symbolize his stature in the lodge.  Masonic rings can be compared with a signet ring with its big and bulky size; it may have a circular or rectangular top, decorated with a masonic logo or symbols on the top and sides.

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