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VILLAGERS are celebrating a grand donation towards an appeal to replace their tired old community hall. Wixford village hall …

The room you are in right now is inspired by the design of King Solomon’s Temple. The whites’ refusal to reciprocate “raises the ugly head of racism, segregation, all over again,” said the leader of Prince Hall Masons in North Carolina, Milton G. “Toby” Fitch Jr., a state judge and former majority leader in the North Carolina House. “The best analogy I can give is Baptist churches: You have black Baptist churches, and you have white Baptist churches. The rituals of the Freemasons contain Masonic secrets.

It’s well before sunrise when they start showing up downtown, hefting their tool buckets, lunches, hardhats and harnesses on …

Hours after an estate sale at the Racine Masonic Center started Friday, it was halted. The estate sale was due to continue …

Whatever the reasons, gloves form part of our uniform and are worn with our regalia. In other words, together the Square and Compasses remind Freemasons to explore their desires and passions without stepping outside the realms of moral behaviour. They are oddly dogmatic about this tolerant viewpoint (considering that they are generally against dogma of any kind). Masonic rules demand that members support each other and keep each others’ lawful secrets, which has led to fears of corrupt cliques developing. In fact, there are several passwords for various occasions and reasons.

An Essex Freemasons initiative which has been rolled out across England and Wales has reached a major milestone, supporting …

Freemasonry Jkt What Does The Free In Freemason Mean What To Wear To Freemason Initiation They considered that they practiced

Sidmouth Freemasons have joined colleagues across Devon to make a special £11,000 donation to Children’s Hospice South West’s …

What Does The Free In Freemason Mean What To Wear To Freemason Initiation They considered that they practiced a more

And, there will be an initiation fee required, which varies by lodge. In the initiation ceremony, there’s no violence; there’s

Belt, from “A Masonic Thought For Each Day of the Year”, Missouri Lodge of Research, Volume 28, by Alphonse Cerza, published in 1971, copyrighted in 1972.  It speaks to us of the necessity to not only speak and learn the Masonic words of the craft, but to learn the meaning of these Masonic words and phrases.    A to Z Poem We should know every letter In our Craft’s alphabet; And some of them are better Than others are, and yet Each one as an initial Some phase of brotherhood may show as beneficial, And all of them are good. When someone joins the Masons, he is given the rank of Entered Apprentice, which is the first degree. Read More arrow_forward More from Lifestyle Jazz it up! The researchers suggest that humans “share a common spirituality regardless of religious affiliations”.  We are not here speaking symbolically; we are speaking literally.

But, says Vice, “until the organisation opens up, for many, that suspicion isn’t going anywhere”.This list includes all people who

Sometimes coffins are represented with a Sprig of Acacia, which would depict immortality. He explains: “Is [Freemasonry] valuable in the real world? Should you express an interest in joining Freemasonry, we will arrange for a couple of our more experienced Brethren to visit your home.

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