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In Northern states, I often see the ring facing upwards. Rest assured, however, that these promises and obligations are nothing from which any good man would dissent. Indexes are available at no charge.) Clearly, the intangible benefits predominate over the tangible ones. Nine ‘Layers’ of underground Arches conceal a ‘Pit’ with the Ark of the Covenant inside. 99 Add to wishlist Quick view Masonic Regalia Tie,Bow Tie and Handkerchief Set £24.

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The compass then measures the ability to wisely conduct actions within certain boundaries. He is a central figure of so many different groups. According to conventional Masonic history, the numbers of ‘speculative’ masons increased over the centuries and during the 17th century operative masonry declined.  There was apparently a gradual parting of the ways between the operatives and speculatives until in 1655 the ‘Worshipful Company of Freemasons of the City of London’ dropped the prefix ‘free’ from their title, thereby leaving ‘freemason’ to those non-operative Lodges who coalesced eventually into the Grand Lodge of England in 1717.  Various Grand Lodges in Scotland, York and Ireland, etc., also openly established themselves around the same time. Speculative Masonic Symbolism of the Square and Compasses In speculative Freemasonry, this emblematic symbol is used in Masonic ritual. In the Chapter room, the downward-pointing white ray points to the West. Met police chief Sir Charles was a senior member of the Masonic Society.

However, each jurisdiction may differ slightly in their own requirements. Ironically, the affirmation of belief in a supreme being may

The simple way to compare pros Classical and Modern Stone Carving Designs Stone masons Carneatly are able to perform a wide variety of stone work to customers’ specifications, from large commercial projects to small residential jobs. Masonic Altar Like many religious entities, the Masonic Altar represents a place where communion can take place with God. The cult of Serapis was promoted during the third century BC by the Greek Pharaoh Ptolemy I as a means to unify the Greeks and Egyptians in his empire.

Just one of our member’s perspective – no two are the same! If the person whom you are shaking hands with is a Mason, he will generally return a like pressure on your hand. Masons see Brotherhood as a form of wisdom and a bond that holds men together. But Freemason ritual was also copied by a variety of other social organizations, so it clearly appealed to a wide range of people, not merely occultists.Sign up and enjoy up to 20% off your first order, plus… The first of these masonic talks is entitled “The King and Raquel Welch”, which is related to the Royal Arch and suitable for presentation at a chapter meeting.

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He was not a Past Master of any Blue Lodge, nor did he ever receive the honorary 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite. If you have a compelling reason to see the original, consult with a reference librarian. (Sometimes, the original is simply too fragile to serve. Ask any Mason, and he’s sure to tell you that through the lodge, he has become Brothers with men whom he may otherwise never have crossed paths with in everyday life. Members join for the purposes of socializing and networking, and the organization itself commonly expresses its purpose is to “make good men better.” Masonic Initiation and Degree Systems and Advanced Orders The process of initiation into a Masonic lodge is known as a series of ‘degrees.’ Masonic degrees reflect personal and moral development. The first requirement is that potential members must believe in a higher power of some sort. Only when you have received the degree of initiation and taken upon yourself the solemn obligation of an Entered Apprentice are you duly and truly a member.

As with Masonic Lodges anywhere in the world, you will be carefully examined as to your life and your reasons for wishing to join. Venue Hire Freemasons Hall is the ideal venue for a number of different funtions. These degrees are called the Entered Apprentice, the Fellowcraft, and the Master Mason. Masonry gives guys an opportunity to be around other guys without having to deal with politics or competition. In many cases, the lodge will issue a “demit,” which simply means that you met your obligations while involved in the organisation. At first, Grand Lodge remained a Regional Grand Lodge, convoking its own Grand Assembly in 1915.

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