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Moerdijk – Afrikaans architect, best known for the Voortrekker Monument.[26] H. There are no pictures of dribbly candles, robes, men with ‘wizard’ in their title or any of the stuff that conspiracy theorists might expect from such an organisation. This is not a book about Freemasonry, but a book about Freemasons. Even with such strict rules, they are still considered the largest fraternity in history. Freemasonry offers its members an approach to life which seeks to reinforce thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business, courtesy in society and fairness in all things.

Past masters at Copperas Cove’s historic Mount Hiram Masonic Lodge no. 595 were honored Tuesday night during a brief ceremony …

It picked back up for a while when I was introduced to Chris. Handshakes Freemasonry is often associated with handshakes

Do yourself a favor, and spend a little extra, find one of the older leather versions.Freemason Books   Freemason Books Basic Foundational Reading Free, Downloadable Masonic Books The following Freemason books links will take you to Masonic websites where you can browse from a list of many different Freemason books which are in . A man uses knowledge to become like a blazing star, shining with brilliance in the midst of darkness. In 1923 within Freemasons’ Hall in Dublin the first meeting of the Grand Council of Knight Masons took place and the consecration of new Councils to preserve the Knight Mason Degrees was planned.

W L Wilmshurst suggests that a Masonic lodge is itself a symbol of the soul within, and that in our lodge meetings, a group consciousness of the spiritual aspects of our work results from our common effort to understand our Masonic art. On that Day of Declaration, we will hear his call for Sharing, Justice, and Peace; experience the love of God in a way we never have before; and choose, as one human family, the kind of future we want. 12.  To obey the by-laws of his lodge, and to attend its communications.

It must be noted that as a Freemason, a member’s family is to be valued above all else and should at all times take precendence over his Masonic membership. Usually, the Masonic hammer is made of beech wood, which indicates prosperity and durability. Instead, we tell him that he must find the answers to these great questions in his own faith, in his church or other house of worship. In the past, the Freemasons’ initiation process was highly secretive.

This year, one of Greensboro’s oldest institutions celebrates its 200th year of existence: Greensboro Masonic Lodge Number 76 …

All religions are welcome and respected Male and normally at least 21 years old.Freemasonry is a rewarding experience and membership

ICMSA president Pat McCormack believes that the Irish family farm model has to be protected at all costs through the

The "Pride or Greenwood" – a.k.a. a striking 1954 Maxim which was once Engine 7 for the Warwick Fire Department – was among …

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