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However, if you want to make your mark on your signet ring, or perhaps you are gifting a ring for

Freemasons Lost Word True to the sense of friendship and togetherness among Freemasons, meetings are also social events, providing an

Sidmouth Freemasons have joined colleagues across Devon to make a special £11,000 donation to Children’s Hospice South West’s …

And, where it does exist the process of applying for membership is pretty straightforward. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) have, in a statement issued in 1999, acknowledged the regularity and sincerity of women’s Freemasonry, although they do not officially recognise it and their members cannot take part. Bagaimanapun bagi ahli Freemason, persatuan mereka lebih tepat sebagai persatuan yang hanya boleh difahami oleh orang tertentu kerana sesetengah aspeknya adalah sulit.

“This is a story of resilience,” Valorie Curry says. She’s talking about The Lost Symbol, a new series (streaming on Peacock) …

This year, one of Greensboro’s oldest institutions celebrates its 200th year of existence: Greensboro Masonic Lodge Number 76 …

Kent State University at East Liverpool is recognizing its 2020 and 2021 Wall of Fame honorees during a program in Purinton …

Masonic Dues Card Holder However, if you want to make your mark on your signet ring, or perhaps you are

If, in the view of even one member, you do not come up to this standard, your application may be rejected. The initiate then makes promises in regards to his obligations and secret-keeping of the Masonic movement. It is sometimes stated that in all primitive societies there was a structure that was known as the “Men’s House” in which the leaders of the community met in secret and had initiatory ceremonies in admitting young men into the select group when they arrived at maturity.  These new members were taught lessons on the manual arts and sometimes symbols were used to teach moral lessons. In some parts of the world Freemasons are still, out of necessity, very secretive. We have searched the proceedings in vain to find what they hold to be the landmarks and have not been favored with a reply to our letter of inquiry. It is considered as a symbol of pride, progress, improvement and happiness of man, based on good thoughts, words and deeds (three layers of feather wings of fravahar) in an infinite world (large circle in the center), on the base of two fundamental principles: love and eternity.

Left to the vivid imagination, fuelled by modern literary best- sellers like Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”, we all now look for hidden meanings in the documents of history, and Freemasonry with its fascinating symbolic imagery is a natural choice for the inquiring mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of making the work and combining the strength of Robeson’s image with the passion of his words,” said Painter. For a time before and after the war, the Philippine Grand Lodge also held jurisdiction over some lodges in other countries such as China and Japan before those places established their own grand lodges. However, this does not mean that an in-depth and comprehensive study of the symbols, secrets, and significance of the order is discouraged.

This is why working tools – the square and the compass joined together – have become their most definable symbol. If

The grand lodge of texas, ancient free and accepted masons is the largest of several governing bodies of freemasonry in the state of texas, being solely of the ancients’ tradition and descending from the ancient grand lodge of england, founded on 17 june 1751 at the turk’s head tavern, greek street, soho, london. If you don’t know anyone who is a member and that you can talk to, then your first step is to contact your nearest Lodge here. This way seems to be a newer way of wearing a mason ring, but it seems to be just as popular. We always look for the good in all, make allowances for other’s short comings. The Anchor and the Ark The anchor is used a lot in Christian symbolism and has been adopted by Freemasons to have a similar meaning.

A full complement to our precision component ranges. Just one of our member’s perspective – no two are the same!

True to the sense of friendship and togetherness among Freemasons, meetings are also social events, providing an occasion for members

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