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Sept. 29, is the deadline to appear in next week’s “Around Town” listing. We must receive your event in writing with a …

00 12% off Vintage Masonic Ring With A Large Rhinestone. Master Mason The third degree represents maturity, with advanced wisdom and knowledge. Some dismiss it as a club full of funny handshakes and raised trouser legs but to others it is the heart of the establishment that pulls strings and wields real power behind the scenes. At the center of any lodge room is an altar. “All the activities of the lodge take place about the altar,” said Piers Vaughan, the Lodge Master. “Now, would people talk about religion here in a meeting?” Rocca asked. “Absolutely not,” said Vaughan. “There are certain subjects which are prevented from discussing within the Lodge.  And religion is one.  Politics is another.” And then there are the ceremonies. But dogged by this “secret society” image, the Freemasons have launched a rebranding exercise.

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Bedford High School Class of 1960 will meet for dinner at Hoss’s Restaurant on Sept. 17 at 5:30 p.m. For more information on final reservations and other weekend events, call …

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Masonic Dues Card Holder However, if you want to make your mark on your signet ring, or perhaps you are

Here is a sampling of things to do in-person and online in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area, Sept. 16-23. Mystic …

Signet Lodge 264 A.F. & A.M., the oldest fraternal organization in Carroll, recently celebrated the 150-year rededication of … Nowadays,

They are a pretty tough lot, far more self-confident than I was at that age. As Masons, we do not seek applause for our Relief work, because we believe that offering Relief is not a rare circumstance to be celebrated but the way that we are supposed to behave and conduct ourselves.I have read the instructions and all the details. This covers your registration with Grand Lodge, and the provision of a certificate which will be presented to you on becoming a full member of our organisation known as a Master Mason. Others believe it represents the word ‘Gnosis’, meaning the knowledge of spiritual mysteries, which is a big component of Masonry. The all-seeing eye, surrounded by the rays of light, is sometimes considered to be an almighty god observing humanity. Everywhere it was preaching fraternity and unity.” (230) Benjamin Franklin, who was the Grand Master of a French lodge, raised millions of francs crucial to financing George Washington’s army.

Have an idea of what you’re getting into: Potential members should have a general idea of what Freemasonry is all about. Without understanding, the observation of an act carries little meaning. Being a new District, we are very enthusiastic and all meetings are well attended with a high standard of ritual enjoyed.

The news of Prince Philip’s death was announced by a statement from Buckingham Palace. The square when used properly ensures that two angles brought together bring equitable strength to the structure. Did Templars in Scotland influence operative masons, who in turn passed on the Templars’ esoteric wisdom, secrets and traditions onto the earliest speculative Freemasons? He explains: “Is [Freemasonry] valuable in the real world? You will eventually drain your wellbeing if you are caught on the false side of the blue barrier, so you do not want it to fall to zero.

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I was told that there is no “right” way and you will find as many traditions as there are jurisdictions. Large, drooping bosoms were considered a sign of fertility in Maya. John Logic Lost word Low Twelve Lux top Masonic Dictionary Entries For “M” Macrocosm Magic Squares Mallet Mark Mason Meridian Middle Chamber Monitor Moriah, Mount Mosaic Mote Master’s Word and the Royal Arch Mystery Mystic Mystic Tie top Masonic Dictionary Entries For “N” Neophyte Network North Northeast Corner Numbers top Masonic Dictionary Entries For “O” Oath Obelisk Obligation Oblong Operative Orders of Architecture Ordo Ab Chao Oriental Chair Ornament top Masonic Dictionary Entries For “P” Parallel Lines Parrot Mason Password Past Master Penalty Pillar Pillars of the Porch Pillars, The Three Supporting Plumb Rule: Working Tool Point Within a Circle Pomegranate Pot of Incense Prayer, Masonic Prentice Pillar Profane top Masonic Dictionary Entries For “Q” Quadrivium Qualification Quatuor Coronati Quarry Quorum top Masonic Dictionary Entries For “R” Rains Raise Reconciliation, Lodge of Refreshment Regular Relief Right Right Side Rods, The Ruffians top Masonic Dictionary Entries For “S” St.April 15th, 2020 From the Worshipful Master How to explain Freemasonry to potential candidates Brethren: One thing I think is important that we do as Masons is have a short elevator-type speech prepared. But some observers believe that at the heart of the Craft – and known only to those who reach the highest levels – there is a sinister quasi-religion based on a composite Masonic God, known as Jah-Bul-On. Modern Builders of the Mind, Body and Soul Medieval stonemasons refined rough stones hewed from quarries to construct incredible buildings. Such a one, of course, is ineligible to receive the degrees, since he can neither comprehend not live up to their teachings.The Royal Arch is the continuation of Craft Freemasonry.

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