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I have found that my very best friends are all fellow Freemasons and I simply cannot imagine what life would be like without Freemasonry. If we can answer any questions please feel free to contact us directly, or submit your question to our “Plain Truth About Freemasons” page.This means that your skilled worker (employer) has Registered you as their Apprentice with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.   You, your employer and the Ministry will sign a “Training Agreement” to start your Apprenticeship Program. Cohen, Count Basie, Louise Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Sigmund Romberg, John Wayne, Red Skelton, Clarke Gable, W.

Freemasonry is not a religion or a substitute for religion. The Letter G While Freemasons can’t claim an entire letter of the alphabet as their own, they do use the letter G within their symbolism quite frequently. 663, Wiltshire “I joined Freemasonry as I had moved away from home and was quite isolated.

SEYMOUR Mr. John Richey, 74, of Seymour, passed away on October 4, 2021 at Norton Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. He was …

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The structure of Freemasonry can often appear confusing to the non-mason for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Freemasonry has evolved from a two-degree system to a three-degree system and then, as it spread from England into Europe and North America, it either evolved into various multi-grade systems or else recognized other organizations conferring degrees and imparting …

Then later on, I saw a Masonic funeral service in a church. The Masonic apron is also a symbol of labor, and as the candidate is informed, ancient stonemasons wore aprons during their various labors. You can also read our core leaflet here to find out what it means to be a Freemason and the four guiding principles which Freemasons use to help define their path through life. Adeyemo Alakija Agostino Carlini Alexander I Alexandra David-Neel Alice Bailey Amadeus Mozart Annie Besant Benito Juarez Benjamin Franklin Bernardo Higgins Bertha Williams Buzz Aldrin Carlos Maria de Alvear Davy Crockett Douglas MacArthur Duke Ellington Edith Armour Edward Appleton Edward VII Elizabeth Aldworth Enrico Fermi Voltaire Frederick II George Washington Georges Martin Giuseppe Garibaldi Gustav III Hannah Mather Crocker Helen Wycherley Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Henry Ford Irving Berlin Isaac Newton Jean Sibelius Jean-Jacques Rousseau Johann Christian Bach Johann Goethe John Wayne Joseph Brant Joseph Fort Newton Josephine Baker Louis Armstrong Louise Michel Ludwig Beethoven Maria Deraismes Marie Russak Hotchener Marquis de Lafayette Miguel Hidalgo Mustafa Atatürk Oscar Wilde Rudolf Steiner Rudyard Kipling Shaquille ONeal Simon Bolivar Sir Christopher Wren Sugar “Ray” Robinson Theodore Roosevelt Thomas Edison Thomas Paine Toussaint Louverture Ty Cobb Victor Hugo W.

The Letter G While Freemasons can’t claim an entire letter of the alphabet as their own, they do use the letter G within their symbolism quite frequently. Then we’ll go ahead and discuss paying the bills and plan different events. 773 in Raleigh, NC, and a member of the Scottish Rite SJ, York Rite, Knight Masons, York Rite College, AMD, and other initiatic orders.

The first three degrees are the same as those for Blue Lodge Freemasonry. The others can be split into categories, called the Lodge of Perfection (degrees 4-14), the Council of Princes of Jerusalem (degrees 15 and 16), the Chapter of Rose Croix (degrees 17 and 18), and the Consistory (degrees 19 to 32). The Lodge of Perfection. Master Traveller

Dear Brothers of the Denver Consistory, Endowment, it is kind of a funny little word, not one you see used very often. However, this might be the most important word to the next generation of Scottish Rite Masons, in the Denver Valley. Over the last thirty years of my Masonic career, I have witnessed the sale of many Masonic buildings, only to be taken down, or repurposed. Almost without …

Two musical performances will be offered this weekend in the inner sanctum of the Wamponamon Masonic Temple in Sag Harbor.

The ruling Inca often incorporated these deities into the Inti cosmos. By advancing through the degrees, a Freemason learns the moral and ethical lessons of the Masonic rite. The process of applying to become a Freemason can be expedited a few different ways. Masonic collectables are items which have come from a masonic group and will usually feature Masonic symbols.

He served as District Deputy Grand Master of District 40 from 2002-2010; as a Representative in Grand Lodge and an

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